Learn How To Emotionally Heal and Reclaim Your Power After a Toxic Relationship!

Learn how to find your passion, setup healthy habits and launch your new life within 90 days.

Over 5,000 people trained and coached in the past 10+ years.

Hi! I'm Rucha Krishnan...

I'm an image consultant turned women empowerment coach. 

Being a spiritually grounded person, I'm on a mission to redefine our broken biased society & culture by creating a new breed of thriving divorced women. 

I founded the Thriving Womens' Tribe to fix this problem. A community of women supporting and cheering each other through some of the most challenging times in their life.

Empower Women

The society and culture are biased against divorced women. I'm on a mission to redefine these ingrained biases by creating a new tribe of thriving independent divorced women.

Life Coaching

With over 10 years of experience in training, coaching and consulting in various aspects of image management and life, I help women in their most challenging time in life to build a thriving life.

Warrior Womens' Tribe

A community of women supporting and cheering each other through some of the most challenging times in their life. A tribe of resilient warrior women who stand united.

The Warrior Womens' Tribe

A growing tribe of women, we are building a new world.

Focus On Present

Get access to a proven 'Empowered Life System' that helps you take stock of your present and build a future that excites you.

Build Healthy Habits

Your new life requires a new version of You. And this journey begins with replacing old, unhelpful habits with new healthy ones. Build a routine that makes you feel better.

Empower Yourself & Be Independent

In your new life, emotional and financial independence is paramount. And this requires a strong and resilient mind and heart. Heal from wounds and be patient with yourself.

Simple Process to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started on building a new life as a strong woman!


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Trusted by Happy Customers

This community is built with love! Our focus is to help you get results.

It is always pleasure talking to Rucha! She is warm, loving and trustworthy. I liked her dedication towards all the session. It was a roller coaster ride for me. Rucha’s patient listening and guidance drove me to find my solutions and unfold my thoughts! 

Highly Recommended Life Coaching 👍👏


Medical Professional

I absolutely loved how comfortable Rucha made me feel since day one! Ruch's insights have not only helped me make sense of all the interwoven strings of my troubles, structure them out, and build a literal flow chart of how to overcome obstacles and achieve the life I have always wanted!


Marketing Manager

Sessions for analysis of the issues to planning the goals and solutions- the journey has been been made very easy and realistic. The time that Rucha gives to understand the real you is way more than you could ever expect. Comfort of the client is the main thing she focusses on and thats a huge plus!  


Home Maker

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