The top 10 signs of Maturity

As we learn we grow and a sure-shot sign of growth is Maturity in behaviour. Maturity is needed in various situations in life, however, you can’t learn to be mature in a classroom! Life lessons, the hard ones, make you mature over time.

Here is a list of the top 10 signs that you have attained enough life lessons to qualify as a mature person:

  1. Gossiping is a waste

You find discussing about other people a waste of your time and energy. You would rather concentrate on the people present. Talking about abstract ideas, thoughts and opinions draw your interest

  1. You stay in touch with people you care

Calling your family and friends regularly is not a chore, you care about them. You know they care about you too. Hence, you are interested in their life and want to be a part of it. False sense of pride doesn’t stop you from showing that you care.

  1. You are a good listener

People open up to you regarding their life and problems, because you listen. You make others feel heard by focusing on them and letting them speak without interrupting them.

  1. You are aware that you don’t know everything

You know that this world is filled with vast amount of knowledge and you don’t know it all. You have accepted this and while it makes you eager to learn more, you are humbled by this truth.

  1. You are assertive

Telepathy is not a means of communication and you are aware that the best way to communicate your needs and wants is by speaking up for yourself. Assuming the other person knows what you are thinking is the best way to misunderstood expectations.

  1. Seriousness is needed at times

Having a good sense of humor is great, however, some situations in life need you to be serious. You recognize this and ensure that you are aware of the situation and respond appropriately.

  1. You avoid excuses and deal with the problem

When facing a though situation, you know excuses are the way of the coward and just a way to postpone the inevitable, so you face the problem head on.

  1. Time is precious

Time once gone cannot be relived, you are aware of this truth. You respect your time and other’s time, so you stay away from people who waste time.

  1. Self-love is a priority

You know that only when you love yourself can you do justice to your relationship with others in your life. Also, that you can’t hurt yourself for others in your life. You keep healthy boundaries in your personal and professional relationships.

  1. Cherish friends that are like family

Your family is close but some friends become family over the years. You cherish them and keep them close, sharing your life’s ups and downs with them. They are your cheerleaders and you return the favour.

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