8 Secrets of a Happy Life

The quality of life we live is completely dependent on the quality of our thoughts. External factors keep changing and how we think, act or react and adapt to them determines our present and future.

  1. Failure is a new beginning

Failure is a part of life, and your life goes on. Acknowledging and accepting failure in your stride and deriving learning from the experience for future is the best outcome of any failure. Each failure teaches us what not to do, getting us closer to what to do to achieve success.

  1. If you don’t chase it, you won’t get it

For achieving any desired outcome, you have to truly chase it. Lack of action only results in lack of results. Get into action and start chasing your goal with all you have got and results as bound to come your way.

  1. Go beyond expectation

Something I picked up working in customer service – when people get what they expect, they are satisfied, however to really ‘Wow’ them consistently deliver beyond expectation. This works in both professional and personal relationships.

  1. Assume nothing and question everything

As a trainee at my first job 14 years ago I recall my trainer sharing a different version of the word ‘assume’. She wrote on the white board ‘ASS – U – ME’, elaborating that every time a person assumes anything, they make an ass of themselves and the people they represent. Asking questions is a tool for better communication.

  1. Past is a closed chapter

Time machine is still fiction and so past cannot be changes. With the passing of every minute the past becomes a fact – what you did an hour ago, yesterday or last year are all facts and cannot be changed. So why think and stress about the things you cannot change, isn’t it better to channel you energy and focus on the things that you can control – Like the present?

  1. Get out of ‘Analysis paralysis’

Overthinking is the enemy of execution. We analyze and over analyze and then spend time analyzing the analysis before getting into action. Waiting for everything to alight with our preferences – for the perfect timing or circumstances and so on. Truth is perfection is derived from practice, and funny enough – practice means we have to get into action. So just get into action, and everything else will fall into place.

  1. Compare yourself with yourself

You are your best competition – while competing with others may be norm in some situations, like, getting a job, promotion, contract, etc. when considering your growth, the only benchmark should be the one you have created for yourself. Compare your present performance with your earlier performance, to evaluate whether you are truly improving.

  1. Share your gifts

Everyone has gifts to offer the world, share yours generously. We are all unique, by our experiences, thoughts, talent and skills. While you may take your gifts for granted and not place a high value on them, there are people in this world struggling due to the lack of gift you can provide.

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