Life Coaching – What? Why? Who?

What is Life Coaching?

Let’s break the term into the two words it constitutes of, ‘Life’ and ‘Coaching’.

Life can be defined as the existence of living being, human beings in this context. As humans, we tend to search of meaning in life and the experiences in our existence. If we are able to find the meaning of life and decode it accurately for our existence, it leads to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Coaching is a process where a coach helps an individual improve their performance by helping them learn. It is a blend of probing, instruction and guidance to improve the present of the client.

When you combine these two powerful words – Life coaching is a process of improving the performance of an individual in their life. Finding the meaning of life and charting a journey to the fulfilling life the individual envisions, and clearing the path from obstacles

What is the role of a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is an expert is the process of Life Coaching. Life coaches help you gain clarity in your life and goals, identify unhelpful beliefs and help develop strategies to overcome them. A life coach will help you use your strengths and focus on the present to create and manifest your life vision into reality and support you for long lasting changes.

Who needs a Life Coach?

Everyone! Because with their experience and process expertise they bring a unique perspective and wisdom to every situation.

Take a look at the list below, if you identify one or more of the following in your life then you can definitely benefit from Life Coaching.

  • If you get easily irritated and/or angry
  • You have high levels of stress and/or anxiety
  • Lack of motivation / Procrastination
  • You feel empty or unfulfilled at work
  • Bad habits that you cannot get rid of
  • Life feels out of balance
  • You are confused when it comes to big decisions in life
  • You are going through/or about to experience a big change in your life

Today, having guided professionals, executives and entrepreneurs on paths to their personal and professional success, I only see the number growing in the future.

The Benefits – Why do you need a Life Coach?

Firstly, a Life Coach can help you gain a fresh and informed perspective on the problems in your life. Secondly, by way of getting insights and breakthroughs you can identify patterns that are holding you back and work to overcome them. And finally, create a satisfactory successful life for yourself.

A Life Coach helps you close the gap between the place you are and the place you want to be in life. Here are some of the outcomes when you have a life coach;

  • Well balanced life
  • Riddance from fears and anxiety that has been holding you back
  • Greater Creativity
  • Improved Financial Security
  • Strong Personal and professional relationships
  • Fulfilling work life
  • Purposeful living

Additionally, people do hire life coaches for help in identifying the passion for career suitable for them and even finding suitable romantic partners with matching values.

Life Coaches provide motivation, support, momentum and accountability. As a result, clients achieve their goals faster and with greater efficiency as compared to working on it by themselves.

Good to know before you begin working with a Life Coach

  • Quick fixes – Life coaching focuses on long term sustained progress, and this requires an approach that identifies the root cause of issues faced by you, resolving them with a plan and reaching the desired result. It is realistic to have short term and long-term goals after discussion with your life coach.
  • Responsibility of progress – ‘God helps those who help themselves’ A life coach can do only so much, the changes in your life can happen only when you take complete responsibility to take the necessary action in your life. With the help of the life coach, you can identify your destination, chart your route, prepare for obstacles, however only you can walk the path. Your progress is your responsibility.
  • All Life Coaches are not the same– Each person is different and so are life coaches. Find a life coach with whom you can connect, communicate and trust. A life coach that suits your personality type and is focused on understanding your challenges, solving them and is non-judgmental will be ideal in every case.
  • Life Coach do not address Serious Mental Health Issues – While Life Coaches may have understanding of certain workings of the mind, they are not Doctors or Therapists. If you have a serious mental health Condition, you need to consult a doctor or therapist for treatment options. Life Coaches can offer advice on your well-being, however that does not mean that they can offer mental health treatment.

In ancient times, people would rely on the wisdom of wise experienced women and men in the community to get clarity and chart a path for the future. A person with diverse knowledge, experience and travels who provided a unique perspective to the situation. Whether it was the learned monk in the courts of the maharajas or the village wise man/women.

Life coaching, hence is not a new age profession, but a revival of the age-old role throughout history.

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  1. Very well described. It will surely benefit people who actually look for Life Coaching for them to understand what life is and how to progress.

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